Find The One, Your Soul Mate, Your Twin Flame

Find The One, Your Soul Mate, Your Twin FlameFind The One, Your Soul Mate, Your Twin Flame

How do you find The One, your Soul Mate, your Twin Flame? Is there a magic formula that will bring them to your door? There is if you understand what you are actually looking for.

Love Upside Down

If you discovered the way you’ve understood love was the road away from it, would you try to find the right path? Your understanding of love is through the historical lens of ego and it is the reversal of truth.

The pathway to true love involves a journey within. Like the elusive butterfly, the harder you chase love, the faster it is repelled. You cannot escape the mirror of you. You think you’re in love with another, but you’re actually only in love with what they reflect back to you about yourself.

As you come to know your Divine nature and have authentic unconditional love for yourself, your sovereignty will be reflected in both sovereign circumstances and relationships.

The Impulse That Creates the Desire

What you desire is love for yourself that is non-judgmental and absolute. If you’re currently a lonely, desperate, abandoned person, yearning for love to come rescue you, I’m sorry to say, it will always remain out of reach. Until you come to love yourself in the way in which you wish to be loved, love will remain at bay. The emptiness you feel is truly a void that originates from a distinct lack of knowing yourself.

Unconditional Self Love and the Law of Attraction

Experiencing the consciousness of embodied love within yourself, loving yourself unconditionally as you exist and abide in this dimension at this point in time, (foibles and all,) creates a resonant vibration that attracts the identical essence within the opposite body of soul energy. It sends out a signal to magnetically attract the same resonance that returns to mingle with your own. Aligning with your identity as an integral and individualized expression in the hologram of God is the key.
If you search out there somewhere for your Twin, you won’t find them. The search will lead you back to your own soul. The journey is a journey of self knowing in the moment. And, when you appreciate, approve, and acknowledge your life experience in the NOW, you will reflect it outwardly. There are no short cuts to joining with The One, your Soul Mate or Twin Flame. There are no short cuts to enlightenment or to Self-God realization.

Wherever You Go, There You Are

There is no pathway that is free from the mirror that reflects you back to you!

You may begin to send unconditional love to your Beloved, even if you cannot put a face to that one. Use your own. Use a mirror. Then notice how you feel the energy of love returned to you magnified. This cycle of energy can be built between you and your multidimensional Twin Flame self as you complete your inner process and will only serve to magnify the love that already exists.

Projections of Your False Illusions Dissolved

Once you eliminate the idea of your Twin Flame as someone who will complete you, rescue you, or bring you the ultimate happiness, fulfilling all your highest hopes for love, and begin, instead, to think of all of humanity as The ONE, then one who will allow you the reflection of all your hopes for love will appear as a symbol to reflect your core belief back to you. You need not have such a desperate desire to seek a dream lover, for the dream lover is life and it is embracing you constantly.

Contradiction to Ego’s Rendition of Love

I know it sounds contradictory, but that’s how it works in this dimension. It’s kind of like going to the bank for a loan. They won’t give you the money unless you can prove you don’t need it.
To find your Twin Flame, Soul Mate or the One, you must first find you.

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