Can My Twin Flame Be a Family Member or of the Same Sex?

Can My Twin Flame Be a Family Member or of the Same Sex?Can My Twin Flame Be a Family Member or of the Same Sex?

A Twin Flame or Soul Mate can appear as a family member or a person of your same sex.
Remember, the Twin Flame is an energetic (spirit) essence in your complementary energy pattern. It hasn’t got skin or bones or even a personality. This essence can be embodied in gradations in a member of your Soul Mate grouping; any part of your soul fabric. (See article What is a Soul Mate? by Angelina Heart)

Fractal Expressions of Yourself

You’ve experienced lifetimes with incarnations of incremental fractals of your complementary pattern and lifetimes where your soul essence desired experiences apart from one another.
Still, in every lifetime, your Soul Mates, regardless of their relationship to you or their gender, are willing to embody and reflect back to you as much of the balance of the two primal forces of creation (the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies) as you, yourself contain. As you personify more and more of your full balanced energy and love for yourself, your Soul Mates absorb the vibratory pattern to reflect back to you.

It’s energetic in nature. Let me repeat that again and again and again until you absolutely understand that your Twin Flame is your energetic essence!

Same Sex Relationships

As for same sex relationships, finding your Twin Flame aspect in a Soul Mate of the same gender has been experienced by many. This happens because there’s some form of vulnerability within the soul from the past, or even some past-life experience. This can happen if your own soul is not sovereign. It’s a survival instinct. At the same time, your soul still wishes to play out the reflection of balancing the divine feminine and divine masculine aspects within and have that balance reflected from without.

Have you ever noticed that within all gay and lesbian relationships both dominant polarities are present? One will play the role of the feminine energy whilst the other plays the role of the masculine.

Merging with your own gender is merely expressing fear of the opposite gender, and that for any number of reasons. Male lovers are still seeking the void of the feminine without experiencing the fear of the void represented by the actual female physical gender. Female lovers are seeking the experience of sensitivity and passion of mutual giving, not only of sensual pleasure, but the accompanying emotional support and nurturing, all without having to tolerate the male represented in physical form.

It’s an instinctual life preservation mode and it’s real and very intense. However, it still allows the exploration and balancing of these energies reflected by another in a pathway that entails the least amount of emotional risk.

Once the Two Energies are Balanced

As you begin to balance the energies within and come into your full sovereignty, the preference for your own gender will mellow and the desire may swiftly rise to experience relationship in its full polarity. The terror at the soul level that comes from allowing one’s self to be completed or unified will dissolve.

You’ve lived many lifetimes in both genders as you’ve been learning to balance the primal forces of creation. Embodying a gender that is polar to your primary charge affords a tremendous growth opportunity.

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