What If You or Your Twin Flame / Soul Mate Are Already Married?

What If You or Your Twin Flame / Soul Mate Are Already Married?What If You or Your Twin Flame / Soul Mate Are Already Married?
A Twin Flame or Soul Mate Relationship Out of Reach
If you believe you’ve found your Soul Mate or your Twin Flame and if either you or they are married or in another relationship, a moral dilemma arises. Should you pursue the relationship at all costs?
A true Twin Soul, Twin Flame, or Soul Mate relationship will never break up another relationship.
Your Twin Flame is you, as God, in your complementary energetic form. Any time you find you have placed your corresponding energy out of reach either by tribal law or what appears as a fantasy love with, say, a celebrity, you can be certain the idea of reunion with your Twin Flame is enticing you, but you’ve distanced it far enough away for safety. This usually happens because of some fear you’re harboring or because you innately know you haven’t finished the lessons where you are. In truth, it is actually you who’re not allowing the physical appearance of your Twin Flame.
If one or both of you need to allow another relationship to draw to its natural and appropriate close, then ensure that happens in absolute integrity.
Ego’s Illusion
Never allow your ego to use its games to rationalize any action that’s out of integrity with love and life. A relationship begun at the expense of pain to another with someone who has not completed the lessons where they are can never be the basis for the true Twin Flame reunion or sacred sexuality. All infidelity is infidelity to your own integrity.
Desire to Reunite Consciously Creates Opportunities
Calling forth your Twin Flame essence means you’ve at long last said “YES!” to love; that you know your own sovereignty and are willing to surrender and give all the love you have to your beloved. Pouring your love forth ceaselessly forms a magnetic attraction from a vibrational level that cannot be resisted and as it is returned magnetically to you, it is increased tenfold from your complementary energy pattern.
Love is a tangible energy; the electronic energy from which everything is sourced. Intentionally emanating this energy from your heart field and directing it like a laser beam to the heart of your beloved is easier than you think. You can imagine your beloved with your inner vision by seeing them as a human, a stream of energy or even by using the image of your own face. Once you make the mental connection, begin streaming the energy of love from your heart field to theirs until you can feel the energy return to you.
If you are giving love without limit, and your current partner cannot contain and reflect the energy back to you, they will harmoniously leave your field as long as you don’t force the continued union. It is truly yourself you are feeding with this love and it will be the partnering Soul Mate who will reflect you back to you. If you are alone and increasing the vibrational magnetism you will draw someone to you who can reflect your love in return.
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