What If Your Twin Flame Is Not As Spiritually Evolved As You?

What If Your Twin Flame Is Not As Spiritually Evolved As You?What if Your Twin Flame Is Not As Spiritually Evolved As You?
When You Believe You’ve Found The One
The universe conspired to bring you together. You prayed night and day your Soul Mate or Twin Flame would show up in your life, and there he is. You’ve stored up lifetimes of spiritual evolution and you’re ready to become a conduit for the highest possible service to humanity through your Twin Flame heart. At first, all was hunky-dory and you were certain he was also prepared to take this relationship to a higher, spiritual level.
But…then you began to notice small things that made you realize this person is nowhere near the same level of spiritual expansion as yourself and quite frankly, doesn’t seem remotely interested in providing a higher service to humanity. What if your Twin Flame or Soul Mate is not as spiritually evolved as you?
How could this be? Did the universe send the wrong person?
Ego’s Projection of Love
Now you hit the wall. “All the signs were there!” you say. “If this person is reflecting me back to me, then something is dreadfully wrong!”
This is the part of the journey when you really have to face what is real and what illusions are being presented by your ego. Just how much do you have invested in the idea of the happily ever after scenario where someone else completes you. How many of your ego’s illusions have you projected onto this supposedly perfect complementary relationship?
Now it’s time to step off the stage for a minute, assess what you’ve created and magnetically attracted to yourself and revamp.
Only One Twin Flame – But Many Possible Manifestations
If your current partner is not rising in frequency at approximately the same rate as you and is incapable of reflecting back to you the quality of the Twin Flame Essence you’re embodying, the relationship can easily draw to its natural close, if that is your choice. You have but one Twin Flame, but it has many possible manifestations through those in your soul family. To attract what it is you truly desire, however, you must dissolve ego’s fantasies about love and how this relationship should look and, instead, become that which you wish to have reflected back to you by your partner.
Or, you may find you wish to remain with your current partner and experience the Twin Flame relationship and service through an etheric connection with a multi-dimensional aspect of your Twin Flame.
Don’t try to force another to grow at the same rate. You can’t ever control another. You can only control your own thoughts and feelings.
Reflecting Only God Perfection for Your Partner
Always hold up a mirror for your partner that reflects his perfect Godness. This will free them to grow at their own pace and free you to do the same without judgment and condemnation. There is as much of God inside of them as there is in you. That gift alone will give both your souls permission to fly.
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