Do You Have More Than One Twin Flame?

Do You Have More Than One Twin Flame?

Do I Have More Than One Twin Flame?

You had a relationship with The One you were certain was your Twin Flame or Soul Mate. Now it’s over. Have you lost your chance at true love? Or, do you have more than one Twin Flame?

One Twin Flame – Many Possible Manifestations

Everyone has but One Twin Flame, but it has many possible manifestations.

As described in my articles, What is a Twin Flame? and What is a Soul Mate?, you’re a multidimensional being and all that you are with your Twin Flame exists in each and every dimension into which you’ve expressed your soul essence.

You have many Soul Mates. They too, along with their Twin Flame, exist in all these multidimensional levels. There are special Soul Mates with whom you have played many roles lifetime after lifetime. You’re working on similar attributes and have tremendous love for one another. Every Soul Mate from your own soul family has a close enough vibratory resonance to be able to embody and reflect back to you as much of the Twin Flame resonance and love as you contain. They’ll reflect back to you the exact level of balance of the two primal forces of creation (divine feminine and masculine) that you, yourself embody. You can magnetically attract the Soul Mate who can reflect your current core belief back to you. They are dear and beloved parts of your soul family.

Soul Mate Relationships Are Significant Mirrors

A Soul Mate relationship is every bit as valuable as a Twin Soul / Twin Flame relationship. The only difference is that one is an exact cosmic vibratory match. Ultimately, there will be no Soul Mates, for you’ll join with the energy that is like your own, commonly known as the original twelve rays, which expanded from the Source.

Experiencing a Manifestation of the Twin Through Multiple Soul Mates

Because you have so many Soul Mates from your own soul family incarnate at any particular time, you have multiple possibilities of having your Twin Flame energetic essence reflected back to you. One Soul Mate may initiate your inner journey to balance, while another who enters your life at a later time may pose a higher reflection of what you have become within. This one element provides a tremendous sigh of relief for those who feared they had lost their one and only chance at true Divine Love.

The One

In the ascension process, the merging with the Source, there is no separation at all; no soul mates, just One.

You’ve always been a part of the One, within the One, as well as an individualized expression as a hologram of the One.

The great out-breath of God has completed, and the in-breath has begun. We are beginning to zip up the vibrational line of soul experience, gathering to ourselves every facet of our being — zipping the great illusion of separation back into its unified reality.


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