Do Twin Flames Ever Incarnate in the Same Lifetime?

Do Twin Flames Ever Incarnate in the Same Lifetime?

Do Twin Flames Ever Incarnate in the Same Lifetime?

I’m often asked, “Do Twin Flames incarnate in the same lifetime?” The answer to that question is not a simple yes or no. Since the Twin Flame split into Twin Souls, each half has been evolving in Self-Knowledge, Self-Love, and the balancing of the two primal energies; the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Once the soul has reached a certain level of evolution, they graduate to the next dimension of experience. Before they ascend to the next dimension they fulfill their mission and reason for being.

Balancing the Primal Forces of Creation

As they master the balance of the two primal forces of creation within themselves they then begin, through their thoughts, feelings, intentions, words, and deeds, to create only those things which bring more of the higher qualities and vibration of light to the whole.

They love and embrace their divinity in every aspect of their being. They then begin their journey of union with Spirit in a light body rather than the dense one worn in this dimension. It is, therefore, entirely possible to experience your Twin only from other dimensions rather than holding any potential of joining together physically.

Usually, the fractals of the Twin Flame known as the Twin Soul will choose to have one half remain in non-physicality to support the one incarnate.

Twin Flames Can Incarnate in the Same Time Frame

However, there are times when Twin Flames choose to be in physicality at the same time, and as mentioned in a previous blog, as many are evolving into their Christ Consciousness, or a complete embodied state of love, some are beginning to join in the physical to serve a higher purpose at this most opportune energetic moment called the Shift of World Ages.

Many Aspects of the Twin Flame in Reflection

Most people experiencing what they hail as a Twin Flame reunion in this lifetime are actually only seeing a reflection of the amount of balance of their own Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects through a Soul Mate; the Twin Flame energy personally embodied. As more balance is achieved within, more is reflected back through the mirror of a relationship. This type of reflection allows one to experience the fractal aspects of the Twin as it overshadows another.

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