When Is It Unwise For Twin Flames To Join?

When Is It Unwise For Twin Flames To Join?

When Is It Unwise For Twin Flames To Join?

As Twin Flame Union is the ultimate holographic replication of the Mother/Father God and this union can result in instantaneous creation or manifestation, is it wise for Twin Flames to force a union?

When Twin Flames Join In This Dimension

It is possible for Twin Flames to join in this dimension in the form of Twin Souls, as explained in previous articles and videos. This union, however, in times past, has been a rare occurrence. Because of the instantaneous creative potential between Twin Flames, they usually come together only when pure divine love can be held at the core of their union, and often in their last incarnation to both serve a higher purpose for humanity, or for purposes of ascending together.

Potential of Atomic Mis-creation

You are familiar with the atomic reaction that takes place when pure love is not held at the core of a creation – there is mass chaos, destruction and death. You’ve seen the pictures of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and no doubt innately understand the cataclysmic creative power of a nuclear warhead. Hence, the wisdom or cosmic safety net of separating Twins until each half is evolved enough and has balanced the divine feminine and masculine creative energies within.

Meeting and Parting

This age has been called the Twin Flame Dispensation, and many, as they are awakened spiritually to remember at-one-ment with both God and their Twin, are beginning to join consciously on some level. Those who are meeting in the physical are sorely put to the test, for anything that impedes love or any karmic connection that needs to be cleaned up will rise quickly in a magnified fashion. If the Twin Flames cannot steadily hold divine unselfish love at the core of their relationship without the interference of ego, an opportunity will arise for a natural separation. The union should not be forced at such time.

Purpose and Potential for Twin Flames Joining in the Physical

Twin Flames joining in the physical now would be for the purpose of serving at this very critical juncture of humanity’s soul evolution.

The majority of us are connecting with our Twins interdimensionally and in dreamtime. It is still our Twin, and we are creating without one part of the equation being limited by ego. That allows for the one incarnate to act as the physical conduit to anchor the divine love they create into this dimension.

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