Twin Flame Relationships: Impossible or Sustainable?

Twin Flame Relationships: Impossible or Sustainable?

Twin Flame Relationships: Impossible or Sustainable?

Are Twin Flame Relationships Sustainable in Today’s World?

Because Twins often meet, initiate a relationship, and then split, many ask if Twin Flame relationships are just impossible to sustain in today’s world.

There are no guarantees. We still function in the third dimension in which duality, free will, and ego are still a part of our experience. Let’s face it, few of us have transcended our ego’s control.

Twin Flames: Unique recipe for greatness or disaster

In the presence of so much light between Twin Flames, any karmic difficulties or anything that exists within either that would impede divine, unconditional love will be magnified and pushed to the surface for resolution. This makes these unions a challenge, for ego is expecting the fairytale of the ultimate love connection.

Bypassing Ego’s Rendition of Love

When you evolve to Christ Consciousness you’ll recognize that the only substance from which everything is created is LOVE. It is the only thing that’s real.

Everything is comprised of it, regardless of its current vibratory nature in the form of a slower vibration of coagulated light. As the electron, which is the container of light, passes into and through any field of consciousness, the quality of its vibration is altered by that consciousness.

The light contained within the electron can be re-attuned by the higher resonance of light (love in motion) that you emit from your heart field. As love recognizes itself, it resumes its original blueprint.

Potential Twin Flame Service to Humanity

Wow! What an incredible service you can offer humanity with your true love!

The Union of Twin Souls, as the highest vibratory containers of the Twin Flame Essence in the physical, is atomically powerful beyond compare. And, the union between you and your Twin Soul or Twin Flame in an inter-dimensional relationship holds this same potential.

The Twin Flame Heart Womb is an instantaneous atomic generator of love with the unique ability to take the love that exists already and multiply it.

Making love between Twins is the exact replication of the love-making between the Father/Mother God – The Ongoing Moment of Creation. It literally makes, or better said, multiplies the substance of love.

Whatever is held in the thought-form or thought pattern in their love-making is what becomes holographically replicated. This is why it’s been so critical to keep Twins in their ego-centered, separation consciousness, apart during our evolutionary journey in the dense vibrations of third dimension.

Twin Flame Hearts Are Awakening

But here’s the really good news: The clarion call has gone forth for our return to unity consciousness, both with our Twins and with God. This signal has opened the seals in our hearts and in our DNA. It’s time to start our journey home.

Humanity, at large, is beginning to remember Unity, to remember Home, to remember we have always been individualized expressions of God within the body of God and that we are all One.

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