Twin Flame Illusions Shattered – Where To Go From Here

Twin Flame Illusions Shattered – Where To Go From Here

Twin Flame Illusions Shattered- Now Where?

As with any unveiling, for most of us, we must peel away layer by layer of false illusions about the Twin Flame so the familiar slowly transforms into the unfamiliar. Otherwise we might engender too much fear. Like husking corn, bit by bit the husk is thinned until golden kernels are revealed beneath.

The mind is ready when it arrives at the new appearance of the kernel, because it has been lightly and gently reconditioned. You are in the same process, starting with the image of what’s familiar and slowly peeling away image by image until something so totally new, and yet intrinsic, is recognized, realized and witnessed.

Don’t look outwardly for the manifestation of your balance and harmony. Don’t empower the unreal. The illusion is just a distraction fully encouraged by your ego. Be still, and know you are God, both as an individual stream of consciousness and at the same time, as an integral part of the whole of the body of God.

Even as a cell within your body is an individual expression of your full pattern, it is still part of the whole.

Until you trust God’s love moving through you as your inseparable Twin Flame heart, your ego will continue to block the inrush of love that is ready to lift you to its ecstatic flow. The ego has such a grip as it plots to keep you separate from Love, your only true joy. It seeks to keep you from remembering your full potential with its lies as it convinces you that you cannot possibly be the ever present living individualized expression of God without the physical manifestation of your Twin. This is a lie.

The Twin Flame Appearing as a Symbol

The physical manifestation is but the outer symbol of your unification from within. You are not powerless without the physical manifestation.

Your life has quickened, as has your heartbeat, while ancient passions are re-awakened. The next step for you won’t be written on the walls of anything save your own heart – and your journey requires motion…else it becomes static.

Love is your point of creation – the creation of what you desire to be and what you are becoming.

The Future is Up To You

The future of the universe is up to you, for every minute, what you experience, think and feel, affects everything else. It is time to be in love with every experience – not just one person, or a body, or a thing, or one single creation.

Before you can love yourself, you must like yourself. Open up yourself to this next level of experience. A thousand ways every day, find a way to like and appreciate all the intricacies of the vast individualized expression of God you are. It is time to step up to your true identity and you don’t need to wait for anything or anyone else outside of you to give you permission to become a unified being!

You Are a Complete Unified Field of Light Unto Yourself!

The magnified energetic field, this particle acceleration we’ve moved into, helps you bring things to completion – to understand fully why you’ve existed at all! What a thrill to know your creative potential is limitless and to know that you effect and affect everything.
You incarnated to LOVE THIS WORLD FREE OF THE ILLUSION and to assist all of humanity to rise in consciousness- but you must begin with yourself.

You’re not a victim to anything unless you give your energetic permission to be such. Nothing can harm or destroy you, or take from you, for in truth, you are the heart of the universe in human form!

Step up to the plate and begin to think, speak and act as a God. Do not allow the little mind to distract you with your humanness or with the ceaseless demands of your body. Such distractions enslave you as they belittle the very creation you are.

Your thoughts and feelings are your creative faculties. You must use these tools to redefine who you are first to yourself – and redefining yourself redefines your field of light…all of it…every cell of the body, every level of your life, past, present and future. Don’t take this lightly. Your thoughts and feelings are your creation address and the vibrations you create at that address ripple out throughout all the interconnectedness of All That Is.

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