Violet Flame: Eliminating Discordant Thought Forms

Violet Flame: Eliminating Discordant Thought Forms



Since the advent of psychology, people have attempted to process their way through experiences that have left them with unwanted thought forms that continually magnetically attract more of the same.

Yet, there’s a relatively simple universal law of energy transmutation that is infinitely swifter than years and years of processing. Although it’s been taught throughout time through esoteric teachings, it’s only been recently that people are becoming increasingly aware of its value. I believe that’s because we’ve recently been utilizing this law within the fields of science and the language of science is more comfortable to people than that of religion or esoteric offerings.


This law of transmutation has been known among the mystics as the use of the Violet Consuming Flame – the drawing through conscious attention of a specific vibrational rate from the fifth dimension that literally dissolves the magnetic charge of an energy form, restoring it to its original, unformed state. Energy cannot be destroyed, but its form can be recycled and altered.

We understand the use of the violet ray in our fields of science and medicine and use it even in many of our homes through our furnace and filter systems to destroy bacteria, fungus and viruses.

By consciously drawing this vibration through your inter-dimensional or non-physical aspect, you can use your mind as a conduit to direct the flame through your four lower bodies (your thought, feeling, memory and physical bodies) to begin to dissolve all the discordant energy thought forms you’ve created over lifetimes.


This will begin to free you from the incessant magnetic attraction of those things which you no longer require for your education here. And here’s the clinker: Since you created the forms, only you can un-create them. That’s the universal law. No one else can do it for you vicariously – not even the angels, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or any Ascended Master. You are responsible for your own creations. Period.


It takes some concentration, intention and daily application, but it’s a magnificent law of divine transmutation and love that will swiftly free you from many lifetime’s of accumulated energetic baggage. I use this motto – Don’t leave home without it. It is a meditative affirmation and visualization with which I begin and end my day and I call it in to dissolve all cause, effect, record and memory of any discordant miscreation within my four lower bodies from past, present, future and all time/space continuums.


That may all sound a little far-fetched for you if you’re completely unfamiliar with either physics or esoteric teachings, but if you’ll take some time to investigate this law further, and then use it in your life, you’ll be simply astounded at the changes that begin to occur with its daily use. As you clear up your own field, you will begin to find balance between the Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects of yourself and will move forward to uniting with your Twin Flame.

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