You Use Your Twin Flame Heart to Love This World Free of the Illusion

Twin Flames can change the world! In creating more of the substance of love and delivering it to this dimension, the role of Twin Flames is to transmute duality consciousness back to an understanding that Only Love Is Real. The atomic power of love produced in the Twin Flame heart womb can literally re-attune every particle of creation.

You Are a Powerful Multi-dimensional Being

In my meditation CD, Living the Divine Heart, I teach people how to use the vortex of their Twin Flame heart like a wormhole to connect to their vast inter-dimensional Twin Flame being to recognize there is no separation between levels of consciousness; No separation from All That Is, No separation from your Beloved Twin Flame. You are GOD, not half of God. It doesn’t matter what gender or primary charge you contain, for you ALWAYS contain both primal charges.

How to Usher in the New World of Love

Einstein once said something like, No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

It’s impossible to usher in the New World of fluid Love through the same consciousness that created the Old World of Love that has become rigid. Your heart can’t act as an open conduit for love until you release your ego’s interpretation of love, until you release its ideas of how love can be limited or constrained. Every moment of pain you’re experiencing is ego’s resistance to love. To change your current reality you’ll have to surrender to the truth of real love.

Sure, there are thousands of  tools out there … thousands of voices saying follow this road or follow that road… but if you’ll listen to and trust the God Voice that exists right within you, you’ll never be led astray. You’ll know if a tool or instruction is right for you.

Trust your own inner wisdom to bring you HOME and to your BELOVED. This is the UNION — not somewhere in the future — but NOW —It exists within you every NOW. Believe this, know this, trust this and bang it into your consciousness until you can see no other reality. Reiterate the idea daily with the habit of feeding this consciousness through what you read, watch, listen to and let in through the lens of your attention. Turn off the bad news and create the good news.

Be Guided From Within

This inner direction is your Divine Right and you have the ability to grasp your scepter of dominion now.

Let every beat of your precious heart send waves of limitless universal Love to wash over this world and all that is God individually evolving within it, upon it, and above it. After all, you are an integral part of this system from which you could never be separate.

Ceaselessly Give Love

What you do to bless and heal the All, Blesses and Heals YOU! Ceaselessly be about GIVING love — and watch it return to you without your slightest NEED to GET! It will simply return magnified on the circle of life. With each breath, absorb God’s light directly into your Twin Flame heart, and within this sacred space, magnify that light and emanate that love out to bless All That Is.

Can you feel the magnificence and true power of your Twin Flame Heart? All creation is waiting to be held within your own magnificent Twin Flame Heart; Yours to nurture, to bless, to heal and to illumine with your true light.

I hope you have gained both knowledge and wisdom through viewing these 22 videos/articles. If you feel the desire to pursue further education or obtain assistance in your own polarity balancing, I invite you to explore my other bodies of work which you can view on my site.

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