My name is Angelina Heart. Through my body of work, which includes books, articles, workshops, meditation cd’s, videos and educational programs, I have spent years bringing a more thorough understanding of Twin Flames and Soul Mates to a great many people.

The knowledge and wisdom I share has been derived from a combination of my own experience, my research, and direct communion with the spirit world and my own beloved Twin Flame. Like all knowledge, even that which I understood several decades ago has evolved into a higher understanding. The pathways I share with you have been proven both by me and countless others around the planet. It is said that we teach what we’re learning, so I guess that makes me the ultimate student. Every day, new wisdom is added to my cache of knowledge and experience and I try diligently to share what I learn just as quickly as I can.

I am not the only author/teacher/facilitator working in this arena, and I have discovered that the “guru” model is dead. Instead, those who feel inspired are each bringing to the fore what we have learned and the larger picture is incredibly exciting. I invite you to explore my work further to see if it resonates with you.

As I’m often asked about my personal “story”, I have made it available for those who have an interest in the same. You can view it by clicking on the link in the top navigation bar.

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